Hocus Pocus Magic Show - Lynn Miner

By Magic Morgan's Little Magic Theatre (other events)

Saturday, October 14 2017 5:00 PM 6:00 PM

Meet Lynn

I love seeing faces smile, hearing giggles and guffaws, and watching eyebrows raise in amazement.

I love sharing the belief in magic with kids – as Houdini said – from five to 105 years of age.

I love entertaining others, whether it be individually, in small groups, or on a large stage.

Rather than be a “nice Uncle Harry” type of magician who pulls pennies from kids’ ears, I perform as a full-time professional magician—all year long. 
I did my first magic show in the fifth grade and it was terrible but the passion it ignited has stayed with me for decades.
Magic paid my way through three college degrees: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate.
In another life, I was a professor and dean at Marquette University, where I specialized in research and fundraising, a skill available to you if your organization is trying to raise funds.

I recently attended the McBride Magic and Mystery School to further fine tune my performance skills: Jeff McBride was voted Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year. I keep up-to-date through my affiliation with three professional organizations: IBM, SAM, and Houdini Club

Mailing Address

231 Cook Street Lake Geneva, WI 53147